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Maree has always been a very creative writer. In the early days she trained with the London School of Journalism. However she was deemed to be a prolific and creative writer, and despite all qualifications, followed the creative path.


She has been working creatively and over the last few years and has brought about an almost triple album, 'Dreaming on the edge'.  It is a journey that you are sure to take and enjoy each step, each song. A rare find of own songs, alongside much loved covers, and some very iconic.

Undoubtedly you will recall moments in your life's journey whilst you listen over and over. The new songs written by Maree, will touch your hearts, minds and souls for sure.


Maree has recorded this album with Fred O'Neil, who has collaborated on some lyrics and music, and has produced the album. Currently the next album is waiting in the wings !! Meanwhile Maree is already writing more songs for inclusion in the next album. This album is certainly a rare mix from so many genres, and her own very special hypno-trance beat songs, will intrigue you and have you dancing and breathing to the beat!

Maree has been working very hard on creating this new body of work . She has dedicated and channeled her amazing songwriting skills into the double album 'DREAMING ON THE EDGE'. Working with Maree is a dedicated team from Musicians to sound and recording experts. This album is produced by Fred O'Neil, well known for his vocal coaching and producing. She has produced a massively unique album, covered many genres and we feel this album is sure to deliver many moments of utter delight as she weaves her way through each song effortlessly. Your emotions will be touched, tantalized, stirred, lifted to ethereal heights, with words, melodies and her amazing ability to paint pictures with words and emotions. It has been said that her journey is a very special and different one, you are sure to be delighted with this major first work. It has also been said and agreed by all those working with her, it has been 'like finding a diamond in the rubble'

Both covers and her own penned songs, have all been treated with the utmost creativity, passion and power of gentleness, a captivating vulnerability, and then soaring notes that are sure to touch you at a very deep level.

Poetry album "Shifting Sands" Vol 1 and 2.  Cost 10.00 each and postage, signed copies will be mailed out, email your order directly to mareedeeley@clara,co,uk


Not only a singer and songwriter, Maree is an accomplished poet, and her poetry is on CD and will also be available to buy on this site. The titles are 'Shifting Sands' vol 1 and 2 available NOW! We hope you enjoy this creative work and click through to buy the songs, one by one, or indeed the whole album digitally available now. 

The poetry on CD can be mailed out to you, all signed by Maree.


The site will be updated as the journey unfolds, so please do continue to follow Maree on her journey.


Love and light

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