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Exciting News.

"Keeper of Dreams" the Albums 1 and 2, launched and on sale NOW...'Maree After Midnight' coming soon. Not to be missed!
Xmas song on Spotify, goes live Dec 20th 2022! single "Santa Baby" Spotify. Distrokid

All digitally downloadable, latest buy "Keeper of Dreams 1 and 2" for 19.95, go to shop!!


'An entrancing, enigmatic but exciting NEW double album. Be carried along through the very special journey of 'Dreaming on the Edge'



'Is 'The Vortex of Love' a Bond theme? It should be. The album is poignant, ethereal, mellow, block-busting, fascinating. From old favourites to new work. What's not to like? Share this album with the one you love. Chill and enjoy this utterly special NEW WORK, NEW ARTISTE !! With another album in the wings.'


Including Theme from' Titanic' the movie

the poignant and major ' Adagio'

the fun 'Kiss me honey honey'

the powerful ' Goodbye' NEW SONG

the hypnotic trance beats of 'Breathless' NEW SONG ... many more

'Dreaming on the edge 1 and 2' great xmas buy. 'Keeper of dreams 1 and 2 up loading soon. coming soon 'Maree After Midnight'

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